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SHPE’s mission is to be The Source for Quality Hispanic Engineers and Technical Talent. We are the leading social-technical organization whose primary function is to enhance and achieve the potential of Hispanics by promoting academic excellence, diversity, and integrity. SHPE is committed to helping our nation fill a growing need for engineers and scientists in this decade and beyond! We continue to expand at an aggressive pace and currently include 236 student chapters with more than 8,500 student members and 61 professional chapters with nearly 1,800 members nationwide. We have the potential of increasing our professional base only with the dedication, leadership, and efforts of members like you.

We believe that you have taken the first step to a mutually beneficial relationship which will not only provide you with opportunities for personal and professional growth but will also bring a positive influence to the Hispanic community at large.

Board Members


andresvargasAndres Vargas

Andres Vargas was born in Lancaster, PA and raised in Florida to Colombian Parents. After High school, attended and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering in December of 2015. Upon graduating, Andres started working with Northrop Grumman as an Affordability Engineer in Melbourne, FL.

While at UCF, Andres was an active member of SHPE UCF from 2011-2015. He has held several positions on the UCF e-board over the years including President and SHPE Jr. Coordinator.


David Pacheco-Orlando

Carlos Oquendo-Space Coast



Fraya CassierFraya H. Cassier

Fraya H. Cassier was born and raised in Caracas,Venezuela. After graduation from high school she moved to Orlando, Florida to pursue her dream of becoming an engineer.

Ms. Cassier attended the University of Central Florida (UCF) and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering in the spring semester of 2009.  After graduating, she worked towards her Masters of Civil Engineering degree from the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering (CECE) in the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS).  She received her Master’s Degree at the end of the fall semester of 2010.

Ms. Cassier joined CDM Smith and has worked as an environmental engineer in the Water Services Division (WSD) in Maitland, Florida for nearly 2 years.  Ms. Cassier has provided 3D/4D modeling and design on several water and wastewater treatment projects. She is being recognized for her outstanding contributions made to the firm. She has also volunteered to educate students at Lawton Chiles School in various environmental technologies using fun experiments as examples.


Membership Coordinator

Adriana Eljadue (Lo)Adriana Eljadue

Adriana Eljadue was born and raised in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. There she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering degree. After graduating, Adriana moved to Orlando, Florida to continue her studies in the University of Central Florida. As a graduate student she worked as a Graduated Research Assistant in the Geotechnical and Structural field as well as an intern for a Consulting firm in the Transportation area. She obtained her Master of Science in Civil Engineer in 2009.

Adriana has been actively involved with SHPE since 2004. As a member, she has been in the board and serviced as public relations chair, membership chair and secretary for the Central Florida Professional chapter. She has participated in many of the workshops, national conferences and recruiting events that have allowed her to share experiences with other groups to help the community.

Adriana is currently employed as a Project Engineer by Comprehensive Engineering Services (CES). She has experience in the design and production of traffic operations and minor roadway plans for the Florida Department of Transportation, other governmental agencies and private sector clients. Her responsibilities and design experience with CES includes roadway design and plans preparation, traffic control plans, signalization design, interconnect and signing and pavement markings. She is proficient with computer design applications including MicroStation, Geopak, Autoturn and GuidSIGN. With CES she has had the privilege to work with other professionals from other districts and sectors as well as has had the opportunity to share her point of view with others, opening network and marketing opportunities for SHPE.

During her free time, Adriana loves to travel, spend lots of time with her family, cook, listen to world events, and have social gatherings at home. Adriana and her husband are currently supporting a project to introduce and motivate elementary students into Computer Science.

She has accepted her nomination to run for Treasurer of the SHPE Central Florida Professional Chapter and she looks forward in being once again part of this board in the coming year and hope to continue prove service to this organization.


albertAlbert Leyte-Vidal

Albert Leyte-Vidal was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2003 at the age of 18, he moved to Orlando to go to college, where he received his Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2008 from the University of Central Florida (UCF). Upon graduation, he decided to stay enrolled at UCF to pursue a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. He graduated in 2010, after publishing several research papers, and thesis entitled “Establishing degradation rates on grid connected photovoltaic modules”.
As an undergraduate and graduate student at UCF he was actively involved with the SHPE student chapter on campus where he had different roles in the E-Board including, Historian, Secretary and Graduate Student Advisor. He has also participated in various different National Conferences and Leadership retreats as a student and participated in various research competitions at the National level in the Washington DC and Cincinnati conferences in 2009 and 2010, respectively.
Albert has accepted her nomination to run for Secretary of the SHPE Central Florida Professional Chapter for the first time and is looking forward to be of service to the current and prospective members.

 Student Relations Officer

Nathalie Quintero

Confident in her professional experience as well as her academic background, Nathalie accepted the nomination as Student Relations chair for the upcoming fiscal year. She believes that learning never stops and will constantly accept the next challenge coming her way.

Public Relations Officer

Adriana King

Adriana King was born and raised in Colombia. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia in 2000 and after her graduation, she moved to Orlando, Florida. Ms. King has over fifteen years of experience in Construction Engineering. Adriana has worked on a variety of construction projects on the roadway, commercial and residential sectors.
Ms. King is currently a Contracts Support Specialist at DRMP, Inc. in the Construction Engineering and Inspections division. Her main role is to manage all the financial portion of roadway construction projects, as well as, the materials quality assurance.
Adriana has been a member of SHPE CFL professional chapter since 2004 and has attended various conferences representing the professional chapter and she has participated on different committees since she joined the chapter.
Ms. King is in charge of the Public Relations Chair again this year because she believes that SHPE CFL professional chapter can benefit from her creativity and outgoing personality to continue to promote SHPE and the professional chapter.
In her spare time, Adriana enjoys listening to music, swimming and participating in activities related to personal and spiritual growth. She is currently studying about quantum physics, metaphysics, and practices Hatha yoga and meditation.

Events Coordinator Officer

Carol CorredorCarol Corredor

Carol Corredor was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to the US when she finished high school at the age of 17. She received a Bachelor and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (M.S.I.E) with Project Management track from University of Central Florida and a Certificate in Business Administration from Rollins College. Carol started her professional career working at General Physics Corporation with various projects at NASA and also at Disney manufacturing plant where she was able to apply industrial engineering concepts.  Since 2010, Carol has been working at Siemens Energy as a Product Marketing Specialist for Latin America Region where she has been granted different awards and recognition for her excellence, performance and innovative character. During these years, She has successfully gained experience in the power generation industry in fossil power plants and currently in the Wind Power division.

Carol has accepted the challenge to run for Events Coordinator of the SHPE Central Florida Professional Chapter for the first time.  She believes that nothing is impossible if you have dedication and passion.


shpeCarolina Barriento

Carolina Barriento was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated with a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida, and a Master’s in Industrial Engineering, also from the University of Central Florida.